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Our engineers continue to show their knowledge when it comes to matching the correct tires to horsepower. This is something you'll notice on the trail, rock crawling, on the track or in the field.

2WD/4WD Electric Front Differential Lock

Shift on the fly into 4WD and power is delivered to the front wheels. The front wheels spin at different speeds. Steering effort remains minimal. When the terrain gets extreme, activate the electronic front differential lock for ultimate traction. Power is sent to all four wheels, enabling you to crawl, climb and continue on with confidence.

  • Standard 4-Wheel Drive
  • Front Differential Lock

Maxxis Bighorn &
Duro Kaden Tires

The Prowler 1000 XT gets the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tire that offer a wide footprint, excellent shock absorption and large shoulder lugs, providing great traction on all types of terrain. The 700 and 550 get Duro 3 Star Kaden tires that provide the traction you're looking for while out on the trail or in the fields.

  • Maxxis Bighorn
  • Duro Kaden


Manufacturers from all over the world ask to see our Arctic Cat engine assembly plant in St. Cloud, Minnesota. We’re very happy to oblige. If everyone had a facility this special, there’d be a lot more great engines out there. We don’t assemble all of our engines here, but know this: If it’s powering one of our machines, it powers up to our quality standards.

1000 H2 EFI Engine
The 1000 H2 is a 951cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled 90° V-Twin with EFI. Featuring a high-capacity radiator and thermostatically controlled cooling fan, you can count on EFI for cold weather starts and consistent fuel delivery in higher elevations.

700 H1 EFI Engine
The 700 H1 is a 695cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder with EFI. Along with being a cleaner-burning, more efficient engine, the H1 delivers excellent throttle response and superior thermal efficiency.

550 H1 EFI Engine
The potent 550 H1 engine is a 545cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled single cylinder sporting electronic fuel injection.

  • 1000 H2
  • 700 H1
  • 550 H1

Duramatic Automatic Transmission

As the name implies, our Duramatic™ automatic transmission is one tough tranny. CVT technology (continuously variable transmission) responds to vehicle speed, engine RPM and load. The three main components are a primary clutch, secondary clutch (driven clutch) and belt. The primary clutch is always engaged, thus reducing belt wear.

Ride tech

Arctic Cat® ROVs are known for their impressive combination of ground clearance, suspension travel and on-the-fly 4WD shifting. All these add up to smiles on the trails, in the dunes and feeling good on the farm or the job site.

Fully-Independent Suspension

The Prowler’s fully independent front and rear suspension sporting double A-arms boasts 10-inches of travel and 10-inches of
ground clearance.

Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

Slow-speed maneuvers and rough terrain warrant variable assist electronic power steering. EPS begins to work upon ignition, sending power assistance to the steering column via an electric motor. And because assistance is received at the steering wheel rather than at the wheels, you always feel connected to the ground.


Getting these new Prowler's up to speed is not a problem. Neither is slowing down and stopping due to the hydraulic
disc brakes.

Infinitely Adjustable Tilt Steering

Our adjustable tilt steering allows the rider to put the steering wheel exactly where they want to provide the most comfort and confidence.

Halogen Headlights with
LED Lightbar

Bright lights for the big country. That’s what you need when your mission is to outlast the sun. These aren’t ordinary Cat eyes. The LED lightbar/halogen combo provides a longer, brighter beam of man-made sunshine.


ROVs can be used in many ways and we have you covered for whatever the task at hand is. Hauling, pulling, plowing, riding or playing. And options, we've got plenty.

Automotive-Style Hood

This hood opens from the front, just like your pickup. So it’s easier to gain access to the massive 22.4 gallon underhood storage box. Plus you have easier access to the radiator and brake fluid reservoir. There’s even a lever on the hinge to lock the hood in the upright position.

Rear Cargo Box & Storage

At up to a 600 pound capacity, the Prowler's tilting rear cargo box gives you that extra hand you've been wanting. Ok, two extra hands.

Rear 2-Inch Receiver

When's the last time you pulled 1,500 lbs. around? There's no need to when you own a Prowler. Pull your receiver out of your truck, place it in the 2-inch receiver and back up to that trailer.

Surlyn Body Panels

A redesign of the Prowler XT™ prompted the use of super tough Surlyn® by DuPont,™ a resilient resin-based material with a proven record borrowed from Arctic Cat snowmobile technology. Surlyn requires no painting, and is scratch resistant.

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MSRP Starting At $11,299 USD*

Prowler 1000 XT EPS


$14,999 USD*

Prowler 700 XT EPS


$13,599 USD   $13,949 USD (Camo)*

Prowler 550 XT


$11,299 USD*

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*MSRP excludes tax, license, registration, destination charge of $775 ($975 Alaska) and dealer setup. Dealer prices may vary.