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You either have what it takes to be here, or you don’t go there. The Wildcat™ has what it takes alright. Starting with a fantastic 4WD system.

Maxxis Bighorn & Duro Kaden Tires

The Wildcat™ X gets the Maxxis® Bighorn tire, coveted for its high quality ride and great traction courtesy of its non-directional tread. All other Wildcats come standard with a set of Duro 3 Star Kaden tires that are sure to provide the traction you're looking for.

  • Maxxis Bighorn
  • Duro Kaden

2/4 WD + Electric Front Differential Lock

Our manual system differs from some of our competitors’ all-wheel drive systems. The advantage of ours is you decide when 4-wheel drive or the front differential lock is needed.

  • Standard 4-Wheel Drive
  • Front Differential Lock

ITP Blackwater Evolution Tires & Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

A good set of tires will take you where you wanna go. A great set of tires will take places you never knew you could go. That sums up the role of these ITP Blackwater Evolution tires. Of course they’re mounted on beadlock rims. This machine means business.

  • ITP Blackwater Evolution Tires & Aluminum Beadlock Wheels


It’s not until you put your foot down that you’ll understand another important trait of these impressive sandrail inspired chariots – the massive torque created by the Arctic Cat® built H2 engine.

1000 H2 Engine

The power plant features a Pentroof hemispherical combustion chamber. The design features 4 valves per cylinder, the key to creating more efficient combustion.

  • 1000 H2 Engine
  • TEAM Rapid Response Clutch

Ride tech

Next time you walk up to a Wildcat™ take a knee and check out the rear suspension.

Fox Podium Shocks

FOX® Podium shocks with 23-postion compression adjustment, front and rear, allow you to dial in firmness to suit the conditions.

5-Link Rear Suspension

The 5-link rear suspension boasts a full 18-inches of travel. No other machine in this category goes to this extreme to keep your wheels firmly planted on the ground.

Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

EPS lightens steering effort even at slow speeds. Our system is unique. The ECU measures steering input at the column rather than at the wheels.


Hydraulic discs give you the aggressive stopping power you need.

Tilt Steering

Tilt steering is yet another feature that allows you to find your perfect riding position.

Elka Stage 5 Shocks

Elka Stage 5 shocks feature high and low speed compression dampening as well as rebound adjustment – precise tuning makes these shocks smoother and more responsive. Race-inspired characteristics include high hydraulic flow, lightweight components and low-friction moving parts – which means they are tough, rugged and ready for anything.


The trail comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the features that make the Wildcat™ fit so well everywhere it goes.

300-LB. Capacity Rear Cargo Box

If you think you might need it, bring it. That's our thinking when it comes to creating enough storage for all the gear you need.

Race-Inspired Bucket Seats

These seats are comfortable and supportive. Three point seatbelts complement the race-inspired ergonomics. X and Limited seats are color-matched to give them that finishing touch.

4 Seats

The exoskeleton frame houses four high-back bucket seats with three-point seat belts. It’s got the same suspension, the same handling, the same power, basically it’s more Wildcat™ to go around.

X Features

Atop the feature food chain is the Wildcat™ X. Front and rear aluminum painted bumpers, color-matched seats and Maxxis® Bighorn tires set this machine apart from all others.

Limited Features

Sometimes you need an upgrade. The Limited 1000 models come standard with front and rear aluminum painted bumpers and color-matched seats.

X Limited Features

You can’t miss it. The Wildcat X Limited dominates the landscape wherever it goes. 90+ horsepower combined with an incredible suspension and clutching system will blow your mind. Details to note include top of the food chain Elka Stage 5 shocks, ITP Blackwater Evolution tires mounted on aluminum beadlock wheels, a molded roof and full aluminum doors.

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Accessories and Arcticwear Catalog

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*MSRP excludes tax, license, registration, destination charge of $650 to $775 ($850 to $975 Alaska) and dealer setup. Dealer prices may vary.