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Our engineers continue to show their knowledge when it comes to matching the correct tires to horsepower. This is something you'll notice on the trail, rock crawling, on the track or in the field.

2WD/4WD Electric Front Differential Lock

Shift on the fly into 4WD and power is delivered to the front wheels. The front wheels spin at different speeds. Steering effort remains minimal. When the terrain gets extreme, activate the electronic front differential lock for ultimate traction. Power is sent to all four wheels, enabling you to crawl, climb and continue on with confidence.

  • Standard 4-Wheel Drive
  • Front Differential Lock

Carlisle Trail Pro Tires

Confidence belongs to those with a premium set of tires. Get a load of these rugged Carlisle® Trail Pro 4-ply tires, designed exclusively for the Wildcat Trail and Sport.

  • Aluminum
  • Powder-Coated Steel


Manufacturers from all over the world ask to see our Arctic Cat engine assembly plant in St. Cloud, Minnesota. We’re very happy to oblige. If everyone had a facility this special, there’d be a lot more great engines out there. We don’t assemble all of our engines here, but know this: If it’s powering one of our machines, it powers up to our quality standards.

60-Plus Horsepower Twin Cylinder EFI Engine

Modern technology brings you more horsepower, less weight, improved efficiency and long-lasting durability. This all-new Arctic Cat-designed 700 inline twin features EFI, 4 valves per cylinder and liquid cooling. This next-generation 60+ horsepower engine was designed specifically for the Wildcat Sport and Trail chassis.

TEAM Rapid Response Clutch

True to its namesake, your wheels respond without hesitation — delivering 60+ horsepower to the ground. This clutching system is ultra-responsive and super smooth. Plus, it’s built for maximum fun on the twistiest trails.

Ride tech

Arctic Cat® ROVs are known for their impressive combination of ground clearance, suspension travel and on-the-fly 4WD shifting. All these add up to smiles on the trails and in the dunes.

Double A-Arm Suspension

Big power requires a suspension to match. The Wildcat Sport gets double a-arms front and rear sporting top quality Elka Stage 5 shocks on Limiteds and Jri-ECS-1 shocks on XT's and Standard.


The 60+ horsepower is sure to get off the line quick, while the hydraulic disc brakes give you the stopping power to match.

JRi ECX-1 Shocks

Just like it's bigger brother, the Sport XT and standard models get the new JRi 2.5” adjustable shock. Fluid loss is eliminated by moving the compression adjustment to the shaft. You’ll experience instantaneous reaction times leading to a balanced ride in most terrain conditions.

Infinitely Adjustable Tilt Steering

Our adjustable tilt steering allows the rider to put the steering wheel exactly where they want to provide the most comfort and confidence.

Elka Stage 5 Shocks

The Sport Limited gets the impressive Elka® Stage 5 shocks with high and low speed compression dampening plus rebound adjustment delivering professional racing performance.


ROVs can be used in many ways and we have you covered for whatever the task at hand is. Hauling, pulling, plowing, riding or playing. And options, we've got plenty.

Sport Limited Features

Introducing the Wildcat Sport Limited. This is the top-of-the-line Limited model, featuring Elka Stage 5 shocks with high and low speed compression dampening and completed with electronic power steering. Aluminum rims sporting Carlisle® Trail Pro® 4-ply tires may seem too shiny to get dirty, but the second you change direction you’ll change your mind. Check out those full doors.

300-LB. Capacity Rear Cargo Box

The Wildcat™ Sport will take you places far and wide. Often you’ll need to bring supplies. The rear cargo box carries up to 300-lbs. So don’t hesitate to load it up for the long haul.

2-Inch Receiver

The name Sport doesn't mean it's not practical. We provide a receiver for your 2-inch hitch. Take a look at the accessories we offer to incorporate a little practicality into your sport machine or just use it to get a few chores done.

XT Features

The Sport XT forgoes power steering. The powerful 60+ horsepower, 700 motor is part of the compact drivetrain positioned to create an exceptionally low center of gravity. The Sport model harbors a well-calibrated suspension, housing nitrogen-charged JRi ECX-1 shocks coupled with rear sway bars. Automotive style paint and sporty rims are of the head turning kind.

Underhood Storage Box

Standard on Limited models, this underhood storage box keeps your items secure while you're out having the time of your life.

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MSRP Starting At $13,399 USD*

Wildcat Sport Limited EPS


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Wildcat Sport


$13,399 USD*

Gone Wheelin Sales Event

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*MSRP excludes tax, license, registration, destination charge of $650 ($850 Alaska) and dealer setup. Dealer prices may vary.